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Meeting Minutes for 11/17/14

Old Business
– Alliant – Frank said he will talk to the group and see what they want to do. The contract ends in November. There is about 10 members that join the club just for indoor flying. Steve will send out a email blast to folks asking if they want to do indoor next year. San Diego Kite Club is also kicking in.
– Renewal of membership action plan – Reviewed with Paul and Isabel
– Vet Day – Frank said things went very well. $325 collected. Christmas Dinner Dec 9 for Miramar. Tim and Frank will present the donation. Paul will be giving Tim a check for $725 to the warrior foundation. Paul gave tim a check for $725 and a check for $100 that was written by someone. So the club donated $500 and $325 was donated on Veterans Day. All of this will go to food, care, and other things here in San Diego.
– Banquet – Field BBQ? Touch base with Quan and see what he thinks. After the 1st of the year
– Photography Club – Pictures on the 22nd at about 9am.
– PWMA Failure – Drama with exchanging. Work in progress.
New Business
– FPV multirotor race Dec 20th – County wide invitational.
– Thank You Pizza Party – DHWH – May contact with John and bring them pizza. $50 allocated
– International Drone day – March 15th. To demo drones are not evil. The field will be closed from 10am to 2pm.
– Hi Tech High – Interaction with them. This is the Jan 5th to the 16th. BBQ? 


Current Nominations for 2015:

Prez – Jim Bonnardel
VP – Brad Bender
Sec – Scott Fuller
Treasure – Paul Guidice
Safety – Quan Nguyen
Member at Large – Dennis, Bob S, George Robello, Ray Fulks, David Story

Folks can still nominate up to the last minute.
Membership Meeting – the 22nd of Feb.
No board meeting Dec
Jan 10th is the Badge / Membership day
Jan – New board meeting – Tuesday the 6th.
Meeting ended 8pm.