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Meeting Minutes for 2/13/15

New Business:
ByLaws – Change the 7 to 9 board members. Visitors to a board meeting, but  may be asked to leave during private business. Change “Chairman of the board” to just “The Board”. Also talked about dissolution of the club and some verbiage around that. Bob talked about change of bylaws to give us more latitude.
Ray – Resigning his position. (If a club member leaves, an election shall be held. Nominations will need to be held).
PA systems mic’s burned down in the fire. Jim is working with Pyle.
Gold leader club – Tim is going to go through the process.
Steve Nelson – He mentioned this may be a good time to talk to the ATC @SAN. Tim and Jim will meet with Steve.
Checklist for pilot certification. Discussed and will get a copy over to Isabel to circulate. New members will have 30 days to achieve certification.
?Alliant – Discussion around the subject. Talked about insurance and waiting on a response from the Alliant group. Not funded at this time. We are currently waiting on ownership of the event.
2nd – weekend Special Event
3rd – weekend Electroglide
4th – weekend Club event
There will be 4 multi rotor events this year. There will be give aways.
First event is 2nd Saturday of March (FPV Racing). The 3rd Saturday is Electro Glide. Poker Fly the 4th.
4th Saturday in April – Foamy Frenzy
Other events will be forthcoming and calendar is being published. Anyone wants to schedule further events can contact the board.
Talked about people crossing the runway and what to do.
Discussed goals of the board for next year.
Safety – The field is getting busy busy. Discuss limited amount of people in the air at the same time. Talked about the field boundary.
Currently 280 Members.
Paul shared numerous correspondence that we’ve received from the AMA, bank statements, etc. Paul shared the budget and the board reviewed and approved.