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Meeting Minutes for August ’15

Aug club meeting
Date Aug 7, 2015
Time 7:28 PM ~ 9:15 PM



Jim, Scott, Quan, Bob, Dennis, Paul, Brad, George
– Agreement with Lindberg will be taken up with the AMA
– Bob is still working with the city and parks. Gathering information for the city.
– City owned Porta potty? They exist on Fiesta Island.
– Party planning. Looks like positive info on venues.
– IDRA – Drone racing. Oct 24th, will use the helicopter area. Open to the public. Talk to parks about permit.
– Sign up sheets go to Isabel
– Documented an issue with a member and discussion actions the board wants to take.
– Issues with a selling services at the field. Discussed
– Updated flight instructor list.
– 387 members
– Discussed the budget – Includes race gates, and event costs.