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Meeting Minutes for March 2014

2.1      Treasurers’ Report  …… Paul
                    Move this to front of the line
                    as it seems most important for other discussions.
                    Dashboard look to see where we are /budget
Charter for the club has arrived. Taxes is next. Asphalt has been done and recorded in the budget. New windsock and field conditioning along with 5 more tables in March’s budget. Keys were made for members. Report approved.
        2.2       Parks Ranger Report………..Ray
Nothing new. Although they started to buy equipment and fly at the field. Jeff and Steve
        2.3      Trailer….Jim
Trailer is still locked with flags in it now
        2.4      Gold Leader Club Status….Tim
Notification that we have gold leader status
        2.5       Alliant Venue….  Review of Plan
                    a.  check AMA, collect $
Friday the 28th is the next event. Kite folks are flying w/o AMA but everyone needs to be. Talks about forming a indoor flying club.
        2.6        Field Maintenance Report…..Jim
                        a. Review of what was done
                        b. Sign at entry revisited
Powered broom worked but was labor intensive. Sticking with the sweeper truck. Good rain so we didn’t need the water truck and the field has been rolled. Chief has a couple ideas from the sign. Budget $350-$450. Put membership required on the sign. Ray will talk to Parks about some of the sign variables.
        2.7        ABLE..seems better, discuss ….Tim
The week crew mentioned there was able flying around the Gazebo. Might have been due to a bank robbery.
        2.8        Events……….Jim
                    a. General Meeting, Sat  Mar 22nd  
                              1. Time___________
                     b. First of two Poker fly, food, prizes
                            1. Food  === 75 dollars
                            2.  Prizes====100 dollars
                             3. other ideas
Meeting will be the 29th. Jim created a year of events. The events will be the last Saturday of the month…. Poker, Foamy, Fun Fly, Jet day, Bomb Drop, Rotor Day, Warbird Day and FPV Spotlight. Talks about getting prize certificates from Discount hobbies.  Discussion around moving two events around, Jet day #2 and Scale Day. Pylon is not listed because Jim was not sure.
         2.9        Safety report….Quan…Anyone else
No major safety issues. Followed up on 3dR’s concerns with folks going over the imaginary line. Concerns about ‘high speed launches’ in the weeds. Please let everyone know that you’re going to be flying in the outfield. Please leave the cone at the end of the field.
 3.      New Business
        3.1    SEFSD F5J Contest……?
Tim well clarify
3.2     SEFSD RAffle  planned for June or July
                    General Meeting?     Tim
This will be done at July’s Bomb Drop (Summer event)
        3.3       Soaring Area revisited
                    a. suggestions to revise or leave
Keeping an eye on
         3.4     AMA grant money any news..Paul
Applied for and see what happens
          3.5   Shuffling Mike…watch him….Tim
Story time by Brad and Jim
          3.6    Future capital improvements?
Frank: Pete Daily contacted Frank (Jim and Brad), Vince Hernandez and the North County Winds -> Need Appreciation Certificate.
Brad: Guest flying – Put in writing what defines a guest. Brad will come up with a outline.
 4. Set Date for next Meeting of the Board.
April the 25th @ Paul’s house.
8:30 meeting end.