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SEFSD BOD Meeting for May


Tim reported on CAP events. Tim said that he would put together summer event for students and let the BOD know the schedule. Will see where pit goes.

Rolling of field looks good nice surface.

Signage delayed another month because Chuck was not present. Will have a resolution at the next meeting.

Discussed having a “rule of the month” Frank discussed a recent incident resulting in a crash which nearly hit bystanders. It was suggested that for June the rule of the month is “every member is a safety officer”.

Safety discussion regarding flying at “station 7” Frank proposed that sign be removed for safety reasons. 5 in favor to remove all sign from the east end of the field.

New business..still have money. Mike presented spread sheet to BOD members.

Membership reports We have 13 new members as of today . Discussed making special badges for BOD members. No action at this time.

Future events. Frank discussed the “wounded warrior” program which would be similar to the CAP program. Tim said there is a CAP event for July 7th discussed options for program for August meeting. Frank said he had some good leads for speakers.

Indoor update from Frank regarding possible indoor flying at the old National University sports center.

Newsletter…we still have a newsletter

Next meeting June 13
Meeting closed at 830