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SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for February 2021


SEFSD Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Quorum at 6:44 PM 2/10/2021, meeting convened.

In-person participants: Brad, Steve N., Quan, Steve M.
Online participants: Eric, Carl, Jovi (late arrival)
Not present: Kenny, Jeff

Eric keeping notes.
Meeting held at Steve N.’s home.

Brad: High speed passes over pits not acceptable, mostly by newer members.
R/C cars not permitted on runway.
No night flying in our locale due to FAA agreement.
Be sure to call out when entering runway to retrieve plane.
Main runway for pattern type use only.
No drinking on site.
Tables completed – thanks to Jim and Mark.
Karoake machines due for inspection – Steve N. and Jeff.

Steve N.: T28 racing this weekend, February 13, 2021
Reissue common warnings about field safety as spoken about earlier.

Jovi: Recommend diligence about having Visual Observor’s at the ready.

Quan: 242 members as of 2/10/2021.
Bank balance sufficient and financials available to club members upon request.
No updates on ROE (right of entry).

Eric: I have filled out the necessary paperwork for money market account.
We are awaiting contact from bank.

Vote and second for T28 racing monthly awards, $30/month.

Next meeting date March 10, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 8:09 PM 2/10/2021.

Eric Shapiro
SEFSD Secretary 2021