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SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for May 2022

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date and Meeting : Home of Steve Neu, 11 May,  6:30 P.M.

Board Members Present : Chairman of the Board-Murek, President-Manganelli, Vice President–Nguyen, Safety Officer-Neu, Member at Large-Kosta

Via Zoom : Member at Large-Struthers, Member at Large-Cox

Not Present : Secretary-Dresser, Editor-Belknap

Called to Order by Manganelli at 6:40 P.M.

Old Business

  1. Membership renewals : 271 as of 5-1-2022.
  2. Club Trailer/ Storage vs divest it : Trailer to remain stored until at least September, 2022. BOD to reconsider at that time.
  3. Banquet expense as compared to membership dues. BOD Decision January 12th : Dues will not increase this year; club finances will be revisited toward the end of the year to determine a prudent banquet expense for 2023 and possible dues increase for 2023.
  4. Raising altitude limit via AMA/FAA sanctioned Safety Risk Management (SRM) Panel. SEFSD is in the queue, we will be appraised approximately Fall, 2023 when we get close to the to the top of the list. In the meantime we must maintain positive relations with Air Traffic Management (ATM) by abiding by the terms of our current agreement!
  5. All T-28 themed SEFSD Sports and “repurposed” medals have been distributed. There are (10) “Better Luck Next Time” and (8) SEFSD Sports Medals remaining. Possible use could be July’s Raffle/Funfly.
  6. UCSD Student Competition approved for Friday, June 10th from 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. Field closed to sport flying. Proctors/observers to be Jovi, Dennis L.

Field Condition and Maintenance

  1. Field Surface Improvement. UPDATE 4-xx-2022. Frank and Alex Sutton (Thanks, guys!) initiated a social media inquiry about the utility of a DG runway. After some period of discourse, no one came forward with an example of a successful model aircraft runway paved in DG, therefore, previous BOD decision to defer this indefinitely will continue. One new idea discussed was to acquire enough DG material to fill in the low spot on the NW area of the runway or at one end of runway, have it delivered exactly there and then hand spread it (or machine spread it) just prior to our normal Summer Dust-Down treatment. This would give us an experimental test of the utility of DG without much risk or expense. Action: Larry K. to look into purchase and delivery of a small amount of the material and/or rental of a small machine and operator to spread it.
  2. Purchase of Liquid Dust Down for this Summer’s field improvement session was authorized and implemented on May 10th. (Thanks Quan). We now have (5) 5 Gallon pails on hand. Next rolling/watering session likely to be in preparation for July 2nd
  3. Loss of Chairs. It appears all of our lighter, stacking chairs disappeared from the field during the Spring Triathlon that took place generally along Sea World Drive the Morning of May 1st. Jim Bonnardel contacted the event organizers and secured a $300 donation so chairs may be replenished. Well done, Jim! New chairs (should) have “Property of SEFSD” stenciled on them.


Report On Immediate Past Month’s Events

  1. T-28 Racing, SEFSD Field, 4-9 (previously reported)
  2. April 16th. There were 9 participants, BOD Member at Large Carl Cox battled to a medal finish in Radian Class, well done Carl! Medals were awarded to March’s winners.
  3. Club Members Meeting, Funfly Event. April 23rdth. 3-ring Circus. CD : Bonnardel. Thanks to Mark Davis for providing/cooking hot dogs and Carl Cox for cooking Hot Dogs. Thanks to Jovi for conducting members meeting in my absence.
  4. FAI-F5B Practice, May 1st. We had some new blood! Artie Means and Justin Sims had their first taste of the F-5B Distance Course and had a great time! Justin learned that a full on F-5B Avionic can only go straight up for a short time and horizontal for an even shorter time with the motor running!

Schedule of Upcoming  Month’s Events

  1. T-28 Racing. May 14th, CD Neu.
  2. May 21st, CD : Struthers (Mr. and Mrs.)
  3. Club Members Meeting and Funfly/Hot Dog BBQ. May 26th, CD : Bonnardel, BBQ Lead : Unk..  Event Type  : Bomb Drop. (1) Set of Medals to be awarded and Gift Certs to 5th place
  4. F-5B Distance Course/Hot Liner Practice. June 6th (Monday). 12:30 to 5:30. CD : Manganelli, Field Closed to Sport Flying.

New Business


  1. Holiday Banquet : Update 5-11-2022 : Jovi took a straw poll at the last Members meeting which indicated interest in returning to the Aerospace Museum. We wouldn’t have (2) years of funds to spend on it this year, but if a suitably austere budget is formulated it could happen! ACTION : Jovi to consult with Museum principals and caterer(s) to formulate an affordable plan. Notional date is still Jan 14th, 2023.


  1. Officer Changes : UPDATE 5-11-2022 . Mr. Peter Kalenak has stepped up as Badge Maker and has completed the transition from George Sullivan. Thank you George for your 3 ½ plus years of service and to Peter for taking over. However our Secretary Ken Dresser has not attended any BOD meetings, has not renewed his membership for this year and thus not available to be our Secretary.. A new secretary is sought. Duty is simply to attend the BOD meeting and turn the meeting agenda into meeting minutes. Anyone with a sharp pen and a desire to be involved in running the club, please let me know!


  1. Club Logo Apparel : UDATE 5-11-2022. We have a new Club Logo! Thanks to Larry Kosta’s professional Graphics Designers, the BOD has agreed on a  “Patch Style” logo that nicely exemplified our club characteristics and has been adjusted to  be embroidered on a hat and/or shirt pocket. A professional associate of Larry’s will create a store where the logo embroidered items may be custom ordered. You’ll be able choose different sizes and colors of shirts, hats, hoodie sweatshirts, etc. pay at the store and have the product either shipped or hand delivered by Larry! The BOD will also purchase hats to be given out for raffle and/or contest prizes. Well done Larry!


  1. SEFSD Founders Perpetual Trophy. <Details redacted until appropriate time for club-wide dissemination> Action : Manganelli, No Update Provided at BOD meeting.


  1. Independence Day Raffle and Funfly. This was generally discussed for 02 July, 2022 with a notional prize budget of $1,500. Subsequent discussions with past Club Officers indicate there was a lot of work involved simply to make the raffle a break-even proposition (vice a fund raiser for the Banquet) and a $1,500 expense was not budgeted. Further discussions on staffing and/or identification of prizes vs gift certificate(s) to occur before implementation.


Next Months BOD Meeting(s) : 6:30. June 8th, Home of Steve Neu.

Adjourned  : 8:12 P.M.

Minutes Submitted By :  Manganelli, 5-19-2022.