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SEFSD BOD Meeting Minutes for October 2023

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Date and Meeting : 11 October, 2023, 6:30 P.M, Home of Steve Neu

Board Members Present : President-Bender, Vice President- Nguyen, Member At Large – Kosta, Safety Officer – Neu, Member at Large – Cox, Treasurer — Manganelli

Via Zoom : Chairman of the Board – Murek,  Editor – Belknap, Member at Large—Anton, Officer Candidates Phil Barlow, Brian Glenski, Frank Sutton

Not Present : Secretary — Shapiro

Called to Order by Bender at 6:37 P.M.

Bender Items ; 

  1. Non-members are using Rotorplex without regard to fixed wing activities and AMA/SEFSD Membership requirements. Control is to create stencil to annotate tables in rotorplex with membership requirements. Update : Stencil was created by Kosta and Rotorplex tables were painted by Bender on 10-14-2023 and Runway tables by Artie Means : Thanks Artie and Brad!
  2. We were reminded that club officers are examples of rules compliance and not to allow any blatant deviations to be attributed to Officers.
  3. Pictures for 2024 badges open for submittal. Orientation to be Portrait. Steve Neu will select picture as thanks for holding BOD meetings at his home.
  4. 2024 Banquet Planning/Discussion. (Jovi and Brand led). Aerospace Museum costs increased slightly, Food Costs will increase substantially due to inflation and a much more elaborate menu requested by the BOD, however, Brads 50/50 raffle profits and funds earned by Jovi from last Summer’s 4th of July raffle to offset most of the increases. Target ticket price to be less than last year’s $55; also we will most likely have aviation themed center pieces that one person at each table will get to take home vs “glow-balls”.
  5. New BOD Members. Member at Large Cox leaving the BOD due to health reasons : Thank you for your service Carl! Member at Large Kosta and Anton willing to step aside to make room for new blood. Potential new BOD members Barlow, Glenski and Sutton thanked the BOD for the opportunity to participate and generally expressed admiration for what’s required behind the scenes to operate the Club! Sutton subsequently expressed desire to maintain his Photographer duties and not join the BOD.

Murek Items :

  1. Fire Response. We had a modest lipo fire a few weeks ago that was controlled by members with fire extinguishers. Brad told of a sale on extinguishers at Costco and a blast to members was subsequently sent out encouraging their purchase.
  2. Tour of his work environment (Collins Aerospace, former Rohr Aircraft) went very well and will most likely be done again.

Belknap Items :

  1. Website video enabling is in place; Thanks Steve!
  2. Steve was approached by a fiduciary liquidating a modeler’s estate. About 10 foamies, possibly new and unflown will be dispatched soon.

Manganelli Items :

  1. Finances on track to break even or slightly negative cash flow for year. Expecting bill for hot dogs and table painting as last unknown for year. Will use 50/50 Raffle proceeds and financial goal to set final banquet ticket price and prize budget.
  2. Submitted new proposed/consolidated rules for new sign in “News Article” format (Whom, What, When, How) fine tuning/editing required before the new sign is printed.
  3. Relayed request for $300 in Discount Hobby Warehouse Gift Certificates from Jeff Struthers for end-of-year Electroglide prizes. Motion approved and carried out on 10-13.
  4. We have 324 members as of 10-1-2023 vs 302 at the same time last year.

Upcoming Events : October 21st, last Electroglide for the year, prizes will be awarded. October 28th, Members meeting, Military Scale (last Fun Contest of the year), November 8th, last BOD meeting of the year, November 11th T-28 Racing.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:24 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted By :

Steve Manganelli, Treasurer, SEFSD, Substituting for Secretary Eric Shapiro