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SEFSD BOD Minutes for January 2019

Meeting starts at 6:57 pm

For this month’s meeting we discussed the incident with a drone flying recklessly through “trees” at high speeds and then being reported by a civilian to everybody and their grandmother.  We find it hard to believe that a club member would endanger people and our field by this type of behavior.  It could just be a non-member flying from a park bench.  Regardless, we have to police ourselves and other non-members flying at our filed or close to it.  We advise taking pictures and documenting any reckless behavior, otherwise we may lose our flying site. 

The Palm trees are out of bounds.  The other trees are within our bounds, however FPV thru these trees requires common sense, like a spotter at the trees maybe?  Also, remember our field has no fence and people do walk through it all the time.  I personally fly at palm tree top height near the palm trees.   Never fly lower than 10 ft AGL everywhere else because I have been surprised to see people walking right where I just flew.  People and full scale aircraft have the right away at any height and at any point on our field.  It is your responsibility to avoid people and animals crossing the runway.  Take a look and or have a spotter.

The next topic was field maintenance and setting up dates for rolling the runway.  Then we talked about AMA grants for the club.

And finally we talked about organizing the club events for the year.  Between bomb drop and limbo we are working on a great year full of fun events.  Please bring your badge to the next club event.

We the Board of Directors thank you, the members for making this the great club it is.

Your Humble Secretary,

Ken Dresser

Meeting Adjourned at 8:55 p.m.