Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Silent Electric Flyers of San Diego Board of Directors Meeting Minutes, Feb. 2022

Date and Meeting Location : Home of Steve Neu, 03 February, 2022, 6:30 P.M.

Board Members Present : President-Manganelli, Vice President/Treasurer-Nguyen, Safety Officer-Neu.

Via Zoom : Member at Large-Cox, Member at Large-Kosta, Member at Large-Struthers, Editor-Belknap.

Not present : Chairman of the Board-Murek, Secretary-Dresser

Called to Order by Manganelli at 6:45 P.M.

Old Business

  1. Holiday Banquet : Citing business and logistics concerns, the Edgewater Grill is not holding our banquet on the 19th of February! Instead we will be at the Aerospace Museum on February 18th graciously catered by Lisa Bender’s Company. E-mail announcements have already been made and a few more tickets remain as of a few days ago.
  2. Membership renewals. We have 222 paid up members as of 2-1-2022 : the BOD thanks you for renewing! Badges for rest of 2022 will be mailed.
  3. AMA help to raise our altitude limit. I contacted Tyler Dobbs and Chrystal Pearson of AMA. The process by which a Club’s altitude limit can be negotiated is via the Safety Risk Management (SRM) Panel. The panel, sanctioned out of FAA/Washington DC, gathers all relevant stakeholders to the process. In our case, the stake holders would include Lindberg Air Traffic Managers (ATM) and probably Southwest Airlines, USCG, SDPD, SEFSD and the AMA. In general, SRM Panels have a positive outcome for the club because often, the applicable ATM and other stakeholders have no idea the model airplane club exists. We know this is not the case for SEFSD. At present the backlog for SRM Panels is 50 clubs and with approximately 2 per month taking place, our lead time is 1 ½ to 2 years. I placed us in the queue with agreement that as we neared the top of the queue, we would revisit our relations with ATM and decide to go forward or cancel. In the meantime we must maintain positive relations with ATM by abiding by the terms of our current agreement!
  4. New T-28 Medals . Seventy five Medals were purchased, (64) with the custom logo designed by Frank Sutton and (10) “Better Luck Next Time” for most cuts in T-28 Racing. The medals not identified for T-28 Racing will be provided to Jim Bonnardel and added to the Monthly Fun Event prizes. The words contained within artwork are not specific to T-28 Racing, but the medal standard casting is specific for the year 2022. Medals should be delivered in time for February’s T-28 race, Monthly Meeting/Fun Event and subsequent events.
  5. Club Officers Still Needed! A new Treasurer and a new Membership Leader, aka Badge Maker are needed! Our immediate past Treasurer, Quan Nguyen graciously stepped up as interim Treasurer as responsibility was not fully transitioned.  Please contact any BOD member if you can be of service to your club as Treasurer or Membership Leader! We need you!

Field Condition and Maintenance

  1. Field Surface Improvement. One possible improvement under discussion is application of a 2” to 3” layer of decomposed granite and compacting it to a smooth and airplane friendly surface. In past discussions, costs were prohibitive but further investigation when construction tempo “cooled” was intended. Larry Costa has been investigating and will provide near term update.

Report on Immediate Past Month’s Events

  1. T-28 Racing. Occurred before BOD Meeting, Jan 8th event already reported.
  2. Scheduled for 1-15 but cancelled due to rain.
  3. Club Members Meeting, Funfly Event. January 22th. Touch and Go, CD : Bonnardel, 29 participants! Well organized and a great time, Thanks to Jim Bonnardel, CD, Mark Davis, Carl Cox and Lisa Bender for the Hot Dogs/Brownies!

Schedule of Upcoming  Month’s Events

  1. T-28 Racing. February 12th, CD Neu.
  2. February 19th, CD : Struthers (Mr. and Mrs.)
  3. Club Members Meeting and Funfly/Hot Dog BBQ. February 26th, CD : Bonnardel, BBQ Lead : Mark Davis.  Event Type : Poker Fly

New Business

  1. Club Logo Apparel . I noticed a boon hat worn by George Sullivan with “SEFSD” embroidered on the back : I thought “Cool” and remembered our original logo is somewhat tired. BOD Decision February 02 : Explore both a new upgraded logo design suitable for hats/embroidery and/or printing on shirts and consider them both as prize awards and direct sale for field improvement fundraiser. Action : Nguyen sent existing logo artwork to Kosta for no cost analysis.  Decision to fund initial production run and/or take pre-orders will be made after design approval.

Treasurers Report

Narrative : The gift card prizes for the Monthly Fun Event have been increased to $350 per event to cover inflation. Our 2022 budget plans a deficit of $3,000 to $5,000 that will still put us even at the end of the year.

  1. Starting Balance (at the beginning of January) : [removed]
  2. Income from the Past month (January) Aggregated : Unk.
  3. Expenses for the Month (January) Itemized :
    1. Medals : $384.99
    2. Outhouse Maintenance :
    3. Badge Making/Mailing :
    4. Hot Dogs/
  4. Ending Balance (as of January 31) :[removed]

Next Months BOD Meeting : 6:30. March 2nd, Location TBD

Adjourned  : 7:24 P.M.

Minutes Submitted By :  Manganelli, 2-10-2022.