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Old Membership Info – Not Used




To join the SEFSD flying club, you must first be a current member of the ACADEMY OF MODEL AERONAUTICS AMA Button.  The AMA annual dues are $75 for an adult age 19-64, $65 for adults age 65+ and no fee for youth membershipis valid through age 19 as of July first. Membership provides you and our club important liability insurance coverage. We do not accept the Park Pilot AMAmembership as it does not provide the amount of liability insurance coverage needed for SEFSD. We do not accept members who are under the three month trial membeership. PLEASE HAVE YOUR 2016 AMA MEMBERSHIP COMPLETED BEFORE PROCEEDING!!!!!


An adult membership in the SEFSD costs $45 for the calendar year (Jan 1st through Dec 31st). Additional family members in the same household pay only $10 each for the same calendar year. Anyone under the age of 21 may join for only $10. Remember that SEFSD memberships expire Dec 31st.  An adult member who joins in August, for example, pays $45 to fly through Dec 31st.



This option only applies to members who signed up for two years in 2015. This option is not available for new or renewing members in 2016.



NEW MEMBERS AND RE-JOINING (those without a 2015 membership):


1) Join AMA Button.  Get the regular 1 or 2-year membership, not the “PARK FLYER”. It takes up to two weeks to actually receive your AMA number. Don’t procrastinate, because the AMA number gets printed on your SEFSD badge.


2) Print out the: SEFSD App & Waiver Button.  You will need to sign it twice, because the bottom part is a legal waiver of Liability required by the City of San Diego. Mail the completed form with payment to:


LA MESA CA, 91942


3) For new members who wish to fill out and sign the 2016 SEFSD membership application, you may scan and email the completed application to: However, payment will need to be made through PayPal or credit card online. At this time, you will also have to fill out the 2016 Quick Online Membership Renewal & Update form. Select the Submit & Payment option wich will enable you to make your payment for 2016.


4) If you were not a member in 2015, you will need to fill out and sign the 2015 SEFSD Membership Application form.



1-Year Membership for 2016:  Renewing members whose current SEFSD membership expires on Dec 31, 2015 please fill out this form: Renewal Update Button.  The form must be filled out completely and the” field rules” and “waiver” boxes checked.  Click “submit and pay” at the bottom. You can use Pay Pal or credit card.




SEFSD members who currently have 2-year memberships in both SEFSD and AMA for 2015-2016, please fill out: Renewal Update Button so that we may update your information for our records.  Check the “I have a 2-year SEFSD 2015-2016 membership” box.  Make sure you check the “rules” and “waiver” boxes.  It is imperative that this is done annually!  You will not need to pay any dues for 2016. Please email if you are unsure if you paid for two years in 2015.


The 2-year membership option is no longer available starting in 2016.


Paying the incorrect amount may delay your membership process, requiring refund of your money and starting the process over. Also, new members must fill out and sign the 2016 SEFSD membership Application. Of course, if your AMA status is not current, you will not be issued a badge. Please contact me with any membership questions. Isabel Guidice, Membership