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A Wunderland of Videos


Otto’s F-106



C-130 flight demo.  You hear the pilor and copilot talking their way
through the demo, which makes the huge plane do nearly impossible things.

The comments are what makes this one really interesting.  Notice the
various alarms going off in the cockpit nearly constantly.  The
copilot disables automatic recovery systems by saying “continue”,
meaning let us fly the plane.

At the end, he essentially glides it onto the runway.  Love it!  (Thanks Dick H.)

C-130 Demo


Jack Hix sent in these two videos:

Wild Heli Flight

Heli Demo


MD-80 Standby Compass



This is #2 for him and he’s already admitted to having a death wish. Hit
the edge and just barely got stabilized enough to get the chute out
before he “bottomed out”, so he didn’t burn in all the way this time,
but it’s coming.  (Thanks Ron S.)

Hit Mtn