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ALERT for Flying at Mission Bay


We are presently sharing information with the Lindbergh Air Traffic Control Tower management to inform them of our organization and our various flying events, as well as our normal every day use of the airspace.  Although we have been operating since 1992, there is some concern now that our activities are a problem to the Lindbergh management.  The SEFSD board of directors has chosen to take a proactive position in this situation.

With regard to SEFSD operations, the Board of Directors feel it is necessary to have more stringent control of flying activities at this time.  Therefore, all members must comply with the following:

  1. All flying must be below 400 feet as per AMA recommendations.
  2. All pilots must comply with the rules posted on fencing and on the frequency control board.
  3. All club members must place SEFSD membership card on the frequency control board when flying any aircraft.
  4. All non-members should be approached by SEFSD members on site to verify membership in the AMA and make them aware that guests need to sign the San Diego City waiver form.
  5. Park Rangers have the power to issue citations of up to $250.00 for not following Park Rules which includes flying without AMA membership and City Waiver.

The SEFSD Board of Directors expects and appreciates your compliance with all of the above, so that we may continue to fly at our site for many years into the future.

Fence Sign