Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Article Submission Ideas

Here are some ideas you can use to create your article.
Please use any or all, it is up to you:


You can use the Article Submission Form or send to:     Please no .pdf files.  Use a word processor or similar.


Text:  Tell your story, readers will be very interested in what you have done.  Make it complete enough so someone reading it could buy that plane and reproduce what you have.  There is plenty of room so write as much as you can.  Include as much detail as you like.


Pictures:  Please include as many pics as you feel necessary.  Leave a placeholder in your text so the editor knows where to put which pic.  In that placeholder you can leave the caption for that pic as well.  Pics can be archived and sent as one file or you can send them individually in separate submissions.


Specifications:  Give the general information about the plane, etc. 


Setup/Throws:  Give the balance point, control throws, mixes, dual rates, exponential, etc.


Equipment:  Let us know what you have in the plane: servos, RX, batteries, motor, prop, etc.


Weight:  What is your flying weight?


Sources:  Tell where you got your stuff. 


Links:  This is important.  Links to sources, forums, articles, videos, instruction manuals, etc.


Costs:  Tell what all the items cost in round numbers.


Thank you from SEFSD

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