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BOD Minutes for June 2013

June 19th BOD meeting(revised)

Tim A called meeting to at 7:08

Motion made and approved to delay approval of May BOD minutes until July meeting when Frank and MNeale can attend.

TimA reported on Gold Leader program and that we are supporting the goal with school activities.

PayPal proposal discussion by Paul. Paul showed proposed pages and details. Discussed adding a 2 year option for SEFSD memberships. Paul proposed that the PayPal payment be implemented by August 1st. Proposal passed.

There was a discussion regarding raising dues in the future–will discuss further when we have a meeting with all the members.

Jim B made a motion to allow autonomous operation at the SEFSD field with out any further restrictions through the end of the year if operated under AMA 550 and 560 guidelines. SteveN suggested that the discussion be deferred until MNeale and Frank are present for a meeting.  PaulG made a motion to allow autonomous operation. Motion passed 3-1 in favor.

Rotor days at the Bay showed flyer and will have action plan for the next meeting.

Signs–look good –thanks Chuck and Jack. Frank–thank Jack for work.

safety–no problems

Runway–under budget–looks good–JimB Discussed fixing parking lot holes. Ask Don G for ideas to fix them–TimA
Discussed getting new netting–JimB proposed getting new net for up to $100–motion approved.

Treasures report with Paul. Presented new format for finical reports. Motion to approve new format approved.

Membership report–we have  306 members. Discussed who can take over membership chairman in November from MikeE

Calendar–discussed Bomb drop event–had 22 pilots–declared a success. Discussed F5B team selection conflict with electro glide in October–will figure out what to do.

Next general meeting at PG on 7/23

Alliant efest canceled event. Will look to reschedule in the future. Discussed renewing indoor venue. Need to discuss this in more detail. Wait until July to discuss with full board is available. When is the bill due Frank?

No newsletter report

OMBAC report TimA reports on planning. Discussed events that are planned–including banner towing and formation flying. May limit the type of flying and planes to slow foam due to safety concerns. Insurance? BOD members are concerned about safety and club risks. July 8th will be decision day for what is flown

Next meeting on 17 July

Meeting over at 8:52Pm

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