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You got ’em,  and we need ’em!

By Jim Bonnardel

After a visit to RC Expo last year I came home with a ‘roll’ of RC related decals.
I started ‘dumping’ my extra RC stickers inside our outhouse, and it didn’t take long before the ‘urge’ caught on.  I started seeing more and more RC decals being ‘splattered’ on the walls and roof,  and in a twisted kind of way, it made me smile.  It kind of makes it ours…. personalization if you will.

Well,  recently Spanky’s came out and replaced our outhouse because the door was coming apart, and you may have noticed that all of our RC Stickers are now gone.   Sooooo….

Drop ’em like its hot!  Give our crapper, your stinkers (oops… I mean stickers)! Now is the time to leave something in the head that everyone may appreciate, unlike the usual ‘deposits’…

I’d bet that nearly all of us have a ‘pile’ of RC stickers someplace in our workshops.
Here is your ‘call to arms’!   Don’t fight that ‘urge’..grab a stack,  and come help wallpaper the inside of the new head.