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Club Meeting – Bomb Drop!

By Jim Bonnardel 

Filed 360   Click the pic for a 360 view of the field.

Saturday, July 30th is the club meeting, and fun-fly event.

This month Jim Bonnardel is hosting a bomb drop.  All of the bombs, and drop devices  are provided.  You use your aircraft of choice to drop the bomb over the target.  Mechanical bomb releases are not allowed, everyone must use the same style drop devices, which are provided.  You do not need an empty channel.  The sign-up sheet will be out at 08:00, and we will go in the order of sign up.  If you want to beat the noon wind, get there EARLY to sign up EARLY.

John at DHW ( ) besides taking good care of us for the place prizes, stepped up and fully sponsored a bonus prize. He has found something he personally uses, and thinks EVERY pilot should have one. He donated one as a bonus!  Thanks John!  Come down, participate, and see what the BONUS PRIZE is!

The club meeting is scheduled to begin at 10:00,  and the bombs start dropping for score as soon as the meeting is over, but  Jim will be at the field early for signups, serving coffee,  and letting folks get all the practice in they want.

Jim is also having two monster subway sandwiches delivered down to the field with standard goodies, so be sure your Saturday, July 30th calendar is wide open.  You do not want to miss this event!

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