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Cool Videos for May

Both powered by Rolls Royce Merlin engines……which emitted that
wonderful sound that became known to many as ‘The Sound of Freedom’
during the 1940s. Mustang pilot does a great job staying on the Spit’s
wing, I’m guessing these 2 guys have flown form before!



Duxford Battle of Brittan Airshow Review:



Live video taken by one of the astronauts showing the inside of the International Space Station.  

It is spectacular!!When it starts up, change to full-screen mode by clicking on the little thingy on the bottom right of the panel that has two little arrows in it.

For about the first two-thirds of the tour, the astronaut doesn’t say anything.  When she gets to the exercise station, she starts explaining.  Be sure your sound is on.  She ends up in the incredible window pod looking out at the earth.  That’s worth sticking around for, believe me!!



RC SuperHeros:


Incidentally, kits and plans are here.