Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Editor’s Notebook for Sept/Oct, 2011


4.  For any of you who did not hear, this is some information on the Reno Air Race crash of a P-51:

check out this news site. In the picture of the plane heading straight down you can’t see the pilot, I think he’s out slumped forward. Check the control surfaces, no deflections, I’d be pulling full back stick if only to gain further separation from the crowd, you’re never going to pull out. Saw other videos, he did a near vertical pull up, snap to inverted, straight down. Perhaps an accelerated stall at top, it just snapped down with no forward motion.

Reno 3


Reno 2


5.  Aletter from Larry:

Dear Friends,

There has been a lot of activity here in our district recently.  I hope you’ve had a chance to follow the events in the Blog on our District X website at

There has been almost 50 entries made in the Blog since I revamped our website in January.  My goal is to make the Blog your most up to date source of information for modeling news.  If you’re reading the Blog for the first time please keep in mind that the link at the top of any page in the website will take you to the most recent 10 Blog posts.  To see all of the past posts just click on the archive link and you will see all of the postings for you to choose from.

Some of the issues covered in the Blog were;

The Woodland Davis Aeromodelers Golden Age Fly-In.  This post not only includes a great write-up for the event but video too.

A new feature called Photo of the Week submit your best photos and maybe you’ll see it on the website.

A reminder to attend the upcoming Helicopter Scale Masters which will raise money to cure autism.

A great idea to promote modeling that your club should consider trying.

A very deserving award to a great modeler in Southern California.

I’ve also started something that no other district is doing and that is to publish expanded versions of the monthly column when I have more story than will fit in the magazine, along with more photos in color.  Here is the August column, and here is the September one.

There is a lot more stories in the archive so check them all out and if you have a story you’d like to share with the district please send it to me at

Happy landings,
Lawrence Tougas
AMA District X Vice President


6. The Electric Lazair?This EAA Video about the Electric Lazair with John Nicholson includes an interview with builder Dale Kramer and, for a time, was the third most popular video from AirVenture 2011. ?Watch the video

Earthstar Electric Gull 2000
Mark Beierle flew his Electric Gull 2000 at the Arlington 2011 Fly-In. Listen to the sound of the 36-coil, 42-magnet motor as it winds up, pulling 217 volts for takeoff. It can fly for 1.5 hours at a cruise speed of 65 mph. 
Watch the video

First Water Takeoff of the Electric Amphibious Lazair
On July 18, 2011, Dale Kramer’s Lazair became the first electric aircraft to make a water takeoff. This video of historic flight from Keuka Lake, Hammonsport, New York, captures the unique sound of the twin-engine electric ultralight.
Watch the video