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Electroglide 400′ Max

Last Sunday a group of us got together at the field, flew gliders, measuring their altitude with some fairly hi-tech instruments and consensus was reached that we could continue the Electroglide, keeping within the  Clubs policy of a 400 foot limit (that is, until the Board comes to some agreement with the Lindbergh tower, possibly getting a temporary waver for the one hour of the Electroglide each month).

So……….. here are the new rules and regulations for a week from next Saturday, the 19th:
15 second motor runs (longer for Easy Stars  —   possibly 30?)
10 minute max for each launch
4 launches make up the contest

We’ll give this a try and we’ll use the honor system to keep below 400 ft if we have a good thermal day.  Your suggestions and/or comments are certainly welcome, but come out, bring your latest creations and join us on the 19th…..9:30 first toss, as usual.

I’ve also done a single sheet that will work for all the classes.  Take a look at it and let me know what’s missing.
See you a week from Saturday.