Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling


  • <DOWNWIND BOX> SPLIT ESS w/Roll. Smooth ½ loop to upright & Low; full roll after completing loop.
  • <UPWIND BOX>  STALL TURN w/ROLL and 45° ENTRY. Pull to 45°, Hold Line; Pull to Vertical; Stall, Kick Nose over to Straight Down; Full roll on the way down. Pull/Exit to Downwind.
  • <DOWNWIND BOX> SQUARE IMMELMAN.  Pull to vertical; 2 of 4 Point Roll in middle of Upline; Push over to Upright & High.
  • <MID BOX> SPIN. 1 Turn spin down, exit in same direction as entered.
  • <UPWIND BOX>  CROSS BOX HUMPTY BUMP.  Pull to Vertical; Roll 2 of 8 to Left (or right); Pull over to Straight Down; ¾ Roll to Left (or right) on Downline. Both rolls the same: either right-right or left-left.
  • <DOWNWIND BOX> ½ REVERSE CUBAN EIGHT. Pull to 45° Upline, Roll 2 of 4 in the middle of upline; Pull smoothly to upright; Immediate ½ roll, hold Inverted for next maneuver.
  • <MID BOX>  LOOP w/ ½ ROLL at TOP.  Starting Inverted, Push around smoothly to near top; ½ Roll to Inverted at Apex of loop, Complete Loop.
  • <UPWIND BOX> IMMELMAN w/ 1 & ½ ROLLS.  Full Roll; Immediate Smooth 1/2 loop, Pull to Level/High/Inverted; Immediate ½ Roll to Upright.  Hold Altitude for next Maneuver.
  • <MID BOX>  SHARKS TOOTH w/ SNAP ROLL. Push to 45° Downline; Positive Snap Roll in middle of downline (maintain heading); climb to vertical; Push over to Upright/High/Downwind. Call “Finish”.