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F5B Day at the Bay

By Steve Neu


We had seven pilots running the gates this last Sunday, April 21st at SEFSD starting at noon with 4 pilots from out of town–3 from the Los Angels area and one from Sacramento! Gabriel Matar who is 14 put in some good flights and looks forward to competing on the US F5B team in Austria as a junior. His father Elias took advantage of the “rental plane ” offer I had made and also good hooked on F5B Sunday–and bought a used Avionik to chase his son around the sky with next time! Juan Leoncio and Richard Saouma both had some good runs on the course.  Steve Neu  and Jeff Keesaman battled it out with 46 and 47 laps respectively. Bruce Brown  flew several flights wit his F5D plane putting in a sub 60 second second flight.

For the next practice on May 19th we will start off with a BBQ at 11:30 followed by flying at 12:30. We will start off with “hot liners” and work our way up t the high power stuff. Jeff, Steve and Eric will be happy to assist newcomers in getting their planes trimmed and also coach with flying. This is a low pressure fun afternoon. Most any aileron glider with a reasonable climb rate can be flown—-if a few of the Radians show up they can battle it out for the most laps! F5D and hand launched pylon racers are also welcome—we will have a course available for them also as well as help for new fliers that want to get involved.

Any members of SEFSD that are interested in flying F5B gliders or F5D are encouraged to come down. There is a misconception that these high performance planes are difficult to fly–in fact these planes are actually quite good handling planes that fly easy to handle in the air.

In the picture below we see from back to front a RW4, Speedfire,Avionik B01, and 2 Avionik B12s. The planes are about 2 meter in span and weigh right around 2000 grams. Power ranges 3000 to 7000 watts with battery packs made from 5-10 cells.

Steve Neu


F5B Planes

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