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Frequency Listing

The following frequency listings are those that have a possible potential for interference at our field location because of adjacent paging channels in the frequency band. However, major manufacturers have advised that a dual conversion receiver will not have problems with interference from such legally assigned adjacent frequency paging channels, if the radio in use has been properly tuned. UPDATE: The frequencies were scanned in mid 2001 and found the same interference as before. (During a three week November 1997 test, a scanner picked up paging signals only between those channels shown below):

Channel Frequency Paging service User (if known)
11 72.010
72.020 U.C.S.D. Medical Center
12 72.030
23 72.250
72.260 Kaiser Permanente (near Sports Arena)
24 72.270
28 72.350
72.360 I.C.S. Paging
29 72.370
36 72.510
50 72.790
72.800 Unknown
51 72.810
54 72.870
72.880 Unknown
55 72.890
  • It is unknown which other channel should be paired with 36 [either 35 or 37]as the only activity heard was on channel 36… The scanner used was not selective enough to tell if the activity actually encroached on our assigned frequencies or was just above or below ours. We believe that properly tuned receivers should not have any interference problems. Further, there has been no identified interference observed at the field during recent years that ever resulted in flight curtailments.

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