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Great Videos for April


Otto took a video of the T-28 flying from 4/22/12

T-28 Pylon Race


Chris W. made a terrific video from his 64″ Extra 330:



This sent in from Treggon O:

“I had over an hour and 15 minutes of FPV flight time during sunset today.  3 flights, 2 batteries.  I did my first step towards my coast run I want to do… GPS wasn’t working so I didn’t want to go too far.  This is the view in the goggles.  I had my panning going, so it was cool to be able to look left and right.
Tomorrow the HD rig goes up.

I learned a couple things:
1) Trains produce a lot of EMF
2) FPV is a heck of a lot of fun”

The core of my video setup is:

My youtube channel has a few videos on it from my FPV adventures:

Click the pic for the video.

Treggon Vid


Thank you Dick H. for the next several vids.

Fly Like Bird.  Is this for real?

Manned Bird Flight


Giant “paper” airplane:

Giant Paper Airplane


Giant scale SR-71

Giant SR-71


Wanna race up Pike’s Peak?

Pikes Peak


Gary F. sent these next couple videos:

Gotta get one of these:



Oh no, flying robots!!  We’re doomed!

Flying Robots


Have too much time on your hands?  Try this:

Crazy Horst


Craig H. sent in the next two:

This doesn’t look silly at all:

Foot Launch


Outstanding video of WWII aircraft:

WWI Aircraft Vid