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Great Videos for October



Hawaii RC Airshow

Jim Bonnardel’s Dad’s RC Club on Hawaii.  (We need a choir at our next event – Ed)

“I thought this worth sharing,  this is the Airshow that my dad and his club put together each year.  This year they had a video company make a video for them. Notice all the flapping of the T-shirts,  thats normal wind there.

Dad’s clubs:   (the club on base that is losing their field)   (the club in Kailua that will get all the pilots displaced at Kaneohe)”


Quads Juggling

Higher learning – for robots. . .


Sorrento Superman

Otto’s Superman has been seen over Sorrento.  Taken from Steve Blizzard’s quad.


Supergirl ove Sorrento

Otto’s Supergirl.  Again, video from a quad.


Witch over Sorrento

Otto’s flying witch.  Video by Treggon Owens.


Innov8tive Video

Paranormal R/C Activity – Movie Trailer


Alliant Video

Darren H. made this video of the October indoor fly at Alliant