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Indoor Flying

The first Sunday afternoon session had several Orange Co. and Riverside Co. pilots drive all the way down only to find that due to a mixup in communications there was no Rec. Ctr. person available to open the gym for us. They had a nice time flying in the Patio anyway and said they’d be back anytime we had a scheduled Sunday flying session. Our Jan. 2nd Sunday flying session did not get the word out soon enough for the out-of-towners to make it down, but 17 pilots and 26 planes did come and had a great time, with all saying they’d come on Sundays again if we held a flyin.

The Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM have had 20 or more pilots, except the one right after the AMA Show in Ontario, poor communications on it being held kept the attendance down, and an average of 31 airplanes of all types at each session. The most amazing was Jack Hix’s SIG Demoiselle which flew at a very scale walking speed, and has a 44in. wing span, and only weighs 7.8 oz.

At first we had several midairs when too many planes were flying at once, but that seems to have sorted itself out and lately we’ve had very few and they’ve been very minor. Mike Morgan has given us a aircraft grouping that gets similar and smaller groups flying together and has worked out very well the two times we used it. It and the general flying rules are also included in this edition of the Peak Charge.

Many thanks for your enthusiasm,