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It’s Bomb Dropping Time Again!

By Jim Bombardel,


Mark your calendar June 8, 2013 as you do not want to miss it!

Pilots Meeting at 10:00 am, bombs start dropping right after, and lunch is at noon.

‘Happy hour’ is directly after the last pilot gets his score.

Bomber JohnThis year we will be doing the bomb drop like we did last year. The bomb drop for points will be the same, with the and the “Minimum Drop Altitude“ marker. No one can go below the minimum drop height, so everyone is dropping from the same height, (or above) which is approx. the height of our wind sock pole. Like last year, the bomb drop hardware and bombs are provided. Everyone uses the same system for points. All you need to do is bring an airplane!

If you did not attend last year’s event, it’s really simple to play. All the hardware you need to play the game is provided, you simply show up with the airplane of your choice. The bomb drop hardware is simply a mounted wood dowel, about 3 inches tall. All you do is get the nut to slide off the dowel at the correct time and location. You get 3 drops for total score, and we use the same ground marker used for Electroglide. Last year we had guys dropping from virtually every type of airplane, Warbird scale, motor gliders, foamy 3D, trainers and sport planes, all using a variety of methods. Some guys looped, some rolled, some just did a short dive to bring the nuts off. About the only type of aircraft we did not see were Ducted Fans! It is very easy to participate, it was designed for everyone.

The additional event will be a “Happy Hour” where you get to show off your own drop hardware and bombs. I will place a “Sacrificial Lamb” Airplane out on the runway edge to bomb! So basically, you get an hour to show off, and entertain the crowd. You can drop anything from any airplane you have, get creative and plan on entertaining the pilots. During happy hour, if you are not dropping, then you are not flying! You have all kinds of time to create some simple way of dropping any item you want. Be creative! Water Balloons, Parachute Guys, Bomb’s , Beans, Confetti, etc. If it falls (and everything does) then you can come down and DROP IT!

Be sure to mark your calendar and plan on attending because it is always fun.


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