Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Jim Bonnardel – President 2015

Growing up on Air Force bases,  I had airplanes in my blood.  My father was, and still is an avid modeler who has a leadership role in his club, so the example of being a part of how your club operates was in the example set before me from a young age.  I began my flying at a young age of 7 going to the U-control circle with my dad.  I learned to fly a Cox .049 PT 19 under a hangar at Hickham AFB Hawaii,  and it was shortly after that I was holding a KRAFT 3 channel radio learning to fly RC.  I have brought new products to the RC market place, and have managed to still love the hobby that became my 2nd career.   Being a part of the leadership for SEFSD is truly an honor that I take very seriously.  I want to be the person who demonstrates that the administration for SEFSD works with the membership’s needs as the top priority.

I have been a member of several San Diego based clubs:  Chollas Park,  Stadium Air Force, Torrey Pines Gulls & Miramar Flyers,  but none of those clubs did for me what SEFSD did.  I think we have a very unique demographic and outstanding publicly visible location.  We truly are ambassadors to the sport and hobby above other clubs where the public can not simply drive up, watch and ask questions.

In 1990 I flipped the switch and went electric only,  selling off all my wet fuel models.  I could not be happier with that decision as it brought me to SEFSD. Electric power has brought the most advances and changes to the hobby and given us something to learn far above needle-valve tuning.  I have become a local source and instigator for Multi-Rotors at SEFSD,  and worked hard last year to have the ‘autonomous ban’ lifted at our field.  Hopefully,  you as a club member see me working hard to keep our little slice of heaven just as that.  I like to consider myself a person of action,  not afraid to get something done.   I look forward to 2014 as another opportunity to make our great little spot even better,  hopefully,  with your assistance and approval.  This year as your vice president,  I will manage our monthly calendar with the assistance of a committee.  Want to be a part of that?  Let me know!

— JB

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