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Jim’s Deuces Wild Score

We continued around the lot, Richard bought a pair of Losi Mini Rally cars for a deal,  but there was nothing else there with my name on it.   Finding Bradley and Bob Anson selling stuff, we hung with them for a bit.    I told them I was gonna snipe that Deuces Wild…   I had a plan to wait until the owner picked it up to put it back in the car and make an offer,  and sure enough  about 30 minutes later,  the crowd started packing it in for the morning.   I saw the seller pick it up, and put it into the back of his car.  I boogied over to him and said ‘Hey,  wait a second,  before you pack that up,  will you take $150 for it?”   He said “No,  but I’ll take $170 and give you the air pump”.   Well I already have one of those (worthless) pumps,  so I said “Keep the pump,  I’ve got $150 if you will take it”.   He said OK,  and it came home with me!   I scored a pair of 60 amp controllers,  and put in a XPS 8ch Nano RX into it.    The video is the maiden flight (edited),  and it went perfectly. The plane fly’s very solidly. It is very stable, and my initial TX settings are just fine as far as expo and end point go.   I flew the maiden on 5 cell packs, and 11×7 props  and after 7 minutes,  the ESC’s and batteries had a little more heat than I like,  so I downsized the props to 11×5.5 and ordered a pair of 4 cell batteries.    Once those arrive,  I’ll see how she performs,  but as it was I had unlimited vertical at 50% throttle.  Look for this rocket at the soon to be scheduled “Poker Fun Fly” as it is very fitting for a Poker-themed event.  Check out my Maiden flight video at: