Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

June Meeting Agenda

Barter Day at the Bay

Barter Day at SEFSD is June 25th starting at 8:00 AM.  Time to clean out the barn!  Bring all the stuff you have been thinking of getting rid of (sorry, no spouses or children) down to the field and see if you can unload it.  Set your stuff on the ground, tailgate or bring a card table, chairs, etc.  This is a great opportunity for everyone to scoop up some great items you might not have even known you wanted or needed.  Don Madison will have a pile of goodies from an estate sale: radios, foam planes, glider stuff, LiPos, chargers, & misc. electric hardware.

Bartering starts at 8 AM or earlier and goes until the meeting at 10 am and then back to bartering until food is ready at 11. Ray will provide victuals….hot dogs etc.

The Scale event will be postponed until a later date.