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Magnificent Videos for May



May 2012 Pylon Race

Pylon racing for May


MVF Float Fly

Mennifee Valley Flyers Float Fly


Smokin' & Flappin'

Smokin’ and Flappin’


This video sent in by Willy W.


F-35 ship trials


This video sent in by Gary F.

Incredible four minute footage of a desperate Spitfire vs. ME-109 dual. You feel like you are there! Amazing computer work blended in with real photography. 
Also an interesting factual story that most of us did not know. History is rarely ‘over’.
Now sit back and strap on your parachute harness … it is the Summer of 1940 over the skies of England. Listen to the perfect ‘purr’ of the Rolls Royce Merlin …
Watch this full screen. It’s very well done.  [BTW, the Brit is the guy with the mustache.]

The German

The German


This story sent in by Dick H.


B-52 Fly By

Craig H. sent this video

“I’ve never seen a bird shake water off like a dog does while in mid-flight, just after making a fresh catch.
I wouldn’t want to get in the way of him when he’s got his eyes locked and his talons in the “loaded”

There are 3 sequences in this one video:

1st sequence he catches half a dozen fish in one strike.

2nd sequence he plunges talons into deep water right to the bottom to
grab his prey.

3rd sequence he captures a big old fat fish that looks as if it weighs
more than he does!

This is best viewed in full screen mode…enjoy!”


Osprey Fishing


Gary F. thinks he needs one of these




These last two are downloadable Powerpoint documents:

The first from Gary F.

Strange Aircraft

Strange Aircraft .PPS


This one from Craig H.

U2 at Groom Lake

U2 at Goom Lake .PPS