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Welcome to the Silent Electric Flyers’



Quick Online Membership Renewal



If you were a SEFSD club member in 2012, you can rejoin us for 2013 without signing any forms, making any photocopies or licking any stamps!



As long as you have a valid AMA membership for this year, simply refresh your information below and use your credit card or Pay Pal balance to pay. We’ll confirm your AMA standing and mail you a laminated membership badge. It’s that easy!



Questions?    Membership Mike can be reached at:


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Click here to read the 2013 SEFSD Club Field Rules.

2013 SEFSD Club Field Rules *


Renewing members: Click here to read the 2013 Mission Bay Waiver.


2013 Mission Bay Waiver *


Mailing address for Application/Waiver forms and (or) if you would like to pay by check:


SEFSD Membership
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San Diego, CA  92107
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