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MUStick & T-28 Pylon Rules & Info


Mini Stick Racing Rules:

Piolt/Caller Score sheet


(1) Airframe limited to E-Flite Ultra Mini Stick or plans built equivalent. Approved plans by Dave Katagiri available for cost of printing.

(2) Re-Covering of ARF version is encouraged.

(3) Minimum wheel size (Mains) 2”

(4) Flaps are optional on both.


(1) A brushless outrunner of 890KV or less.

(2) KV specs MUST be labeled by the manufacturer on the motor.


(1) A 3s LiPo with a maximum capacity of 2500 mah.


(1) Any commercially available 2 or 3 blade non-folding unit. No restriction on pitch or diameter.


(1) All pilots have been or will be assigned a pilot #.

(2) This # will be affixed to the port/left wing upper surface. This is to aid the turn marshals. #’s will be supplied. DO NOT create your own. Mike Morgan will supply them.

(3) It was agreed that a $5.00 entry fee would be levied and the funds to be used for awards at the end of the racing year in Nov.

Race rules are still being discussed, but plan on 5 laps of a 300’ course. Counter-clockwise direction with an air start for heat races and 10 laps for the finals.


Parkzone T-28 Rules:

T-28’s use the stock motor and prop and fixed gear, 3s 2500 max. As with the Sticks, individual colors recommended. Same racing rules as the Stick class.



A minimum of 6 races are planned for 2011. Mission Bay and Miramar have been secured with Lakeside, Chula Vista and Palomar as possible future sites.

or call Frank @ 858-271-4430 (H) 619-723-1422 ( C )


Map to Miramar Field:

Miramar Map


Map to Weedwackers Field:

Weedwacker Map


Map to Chollas Field:

Chollas Map




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