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New Date for Indoor Flying


I spoke with the manager at Hour Glass Field today and she agreed to allow us to fly on both the Second and Fourth Tuesday’s of every month until the end of the year.

Hours for both Tuesdays will be 7:00pm till 9:00pm as before.

The first fourth Tuesday will be July 26th (corrected) and the last will be November 22nd.  I did not include a fourth Tuesday in December as it will be very closer to the Christmas Holiday.

I did not renew our monthly meeting room reservation since she told me the rooms are hardly ever used and we could get one on less than a weeks noticed if we needed it.

As we agreed at the last Board Meeting we will review continuing on the Fourth Tuesday at the end of the year when we discuss our 2012 budget and the level of attendance over the next six months.

As we also agreed at the Board Meeting Mike Eberle will be in charge of our indoor flying activities and will work with Steve Belknap to promote these events to maximize the value to the club.  The cost remained the same at $95 per night for our two hours and use of two courts.

We are also now in possession of our AMA insurance for Hour Glass Field having successfully agreed a frequency management plan with MRCF.