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New Videos


 Goose Salvage

Don M. Sent this video of a Goose salvage.



Mike B. sent in this video of some interesting flight testing.


Mega Minor Chase

Otto Chasing another Mega Minor



Creative Landings


Otto Slo Stick

 Otto flying his Slow Stick FPV


 Otto FPV

Otto with another FPV Chase


Otto at SEFSD

Home Depot FPV Dart with #16 Keychain Camera Video


Otto at Poway Lake

FPV Mega Minor at Poway Lake with the Skimmers


Otto at Daves Beach

RC Paper Plane 3mm Depron at Dave’s Beach

Here is a thread for the Paper Airplane.



Treggon and Otto took their Mega Minors to Dave’s Beach and played. Here are two videos; the first from Treggon’s perspective and the second from Otto’s.

Treggon's View

Treggon’s View.


Otto's View

Otto’s View


Otto at Daves Beach

San Diego FPV Flyers at Dave’s Beach on Dec 27th by Otto.


Steve, Treggon and I went out to Sorrento to test some new Flyguy changes and to give Steve Blizzard some practice chasing me around with his new X8. It was a great day. -Otto-

New Flyguy

Chasing around the new fly guy design



Phantom Quads


Jim S. sent this video of Phantom Quadcopters at the field.