Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Newsletters 2010


Date of Issue File Size Summary of Contents
  • An Editorial – Bill Fee
  • OK, it’s done!! – Wayne Walker
  • Indoor Flying Rules – Wayne Walker
  • Last Month’s General Meeting Minutes – Sylvia Fee
  • Nominations for 2011 Officers – Randy Marsden
  • Human-powered Flight Stays Airborne
  • Micro Turbo Porter – Jack Hix
  • Treasurer’s Report 2010 – Michael Neale
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • October Electroglide Results – Don Wemple
  • SEFSD Holiday Party at Phil’s BBQ – Chuck Grim
August/ September 821K
  • An Editorial – Bill Fee
  • Last Month’s General Meeting Minutes – Sylvia Fee
  • RC Fly TV club promotional offer – Tanya Gottlieb
  • Celebrate, Educate, Inspire …the San Diego Air & Space Museum – Dick Kantner
  • Jet Day By The Bay 2010 – Stilianos Jackson
  • These tips can keep hobbies from breaking your bank
June/July 1046K
  • An Editorial – Bill Fee
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • June Electroglide Results – Don Wemple
  • Safety Concerns – Bill Fee
  • President to President – Bill Mathewson, AMA President
May 1603K
  • The Front Cover – Picture by Randy Marsden
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • Last Month’s General Meeting Minutes – Sylvia Fee
  • Electroglides at the Spring Fling 2010 -Don Wemple
  • San Diego State University And The Design, Bbuild Aand Fly Competition Aircraft: The Monty’s LN-7 – Tim Attaway
April 1028K
  • The Front Cover “Going Down” – Dennis Mock
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • March Electroglide Results – Don Wemple
  • An Editorial – Bill Fee
  • Last Month’s General Meeting – Sylvia Fee
  • Reminiscences of a Flying Aces Fall Meet, 1975 – Bob Clemens
  • Tips & Tricks – From Flightplan, Flight Masters Model Airplane Club Fort Smith Arkansas
  • Spring Fling 2010 – May 14,15,16
February 1596K
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • Revised EMAC 2010 Rules – Tim Attaway
  • Last Month’s Board Meeting – Sylvia Fee
  • February Presentation by SDSU Design-Build-Fly Contest Entry – Wayne Walker
  • February Raffle Prizes – Wayne Walker
  • Promoting Build Your Own Flying – Pete Baron
  • P-51 Mustang from Mountain Models – Andy Reynolds
  • An Editorial – Bill Fee
  • Southern California R/C Events Through November 2010
January 2171K
  • The President’s Corner – Randy Marsden
  • Treasurer’s Report – Michael Neal
  • EMAC 2010 Rules – Tim Attaway
  • January presentation on Hitec RC Telemetry Systems – Mike Mayberry
  • December Electroglide Results – Don Wemple
  • Messaschnitzel 109TM – Revell
  • Airplanes for Flying in Windy Weather – Ivan Cankov
  • Membership Drive Reaction – Jim Rice AMA
  • CARLSBAD Restrictions on Remote-Controlled Planes Eased – Barbara Henry

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