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No 72MHz at Miramar

After discussing the situation with the Board it was agreed that we would restrict our transmissions at Hour Glass Filed to only 2.4GHz and 900MHz allowing Miramar to continue using 72MHz, so removing the need for coordination.  2.4GHz systems do not require frequency coordination.

MRCF were contacted and were very helpful in the drafting of the Frequency Management Agreement shown below (insert agreement).


We believe this should not cause anyone of our members any problem but if you only have 72MHz equipment and you want to fly at Hour Glass Field please contact me directly ( and we will do our best to help resolve your situation.

Please read the agreement and do your very best to comply.  We have a great relationship with MRCF and do not want to have any interference issue jeopardize the good will we share with them.

Michael and Steve


Miramar Freq Cont