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Old Time Enduro Contest

By Wayne Walker


Old Time Enduro Contest Nov. 19th at Rabbit Dry Lake

Just like the old California Enduro contest of the ‘90’s! Except of course it will be better!

Closed course on the Dry Lake, Triangle of 3-5 miles so there’s no CHP to worry about, 4 hour window to do your run or runs, 10 AM-2 PM. Electric and Solar only, one flight per battery charge. Unlimited tries during the 4 hour window. Scoring of distance is by GPS carried in the plane, Remote/FPV Piloting is allowed.

Pot Luck BBQ afterwards with maybe even some awards.

See the RCG thread at

This author is putting together a 3.5 meter sailplane with a Neu motor and at least 9.5AH of cells with video downlink and GPS logging.

Rumors are that one club member has a SIG Senior that can hold a similar battery load.

Update as of 11/6/11:  Well, with rain tonight at Hesperia and 3 days worth next weekend, I think I’ll postpone till SPRING 2012….

Wayne W.