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Palomar RC Swap Meet and Open House Fly-in


Palomar Swap Meet



On Saturday November 2, 2013 the Palomar RC Flyers (PRCF) and Flying2Fight Cancer are teaming up for an RC Swap Meet and Open House Fly-in. The event will be held at the PRCF Johnson Field located in Fallbrook, CA. There is a $5 fee for the swap meet and a $5 fee to fly, with these proceeds being donated to a local children’s hospital through Flying2Fight Cancer. Of course, any money made by the swap meet participants is theirs to keep and any additional donations are gladly accepted.
This is a great opportunity to clean out the garage and closets of the old RC equipment that you haven’t been using while making a few extra dollars for yourself and supporting a great cause at the same time. You’re also invited to fly at our field all day and enjoy the company of fellow RC modelers. A valid AMA membership is required to fly. We’ll also fire up our famous barbeque and food will be served for lunch.
Both Palomar RC Flyers and Flying2Fight Cancer would appreciate it if you could distribute the attached announcement to your membership and/or include it in your clubs newsletter.
Our sincere thanks in advance,
Scott R. Dedic
Board Member
Palomar RC Flyers

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