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Runway Maintenance

By Jim Bonnardel


Runway Maintenance


Runway Maintenance underway!
I wanted to thank the team of guys that gave much of their time today on the runway, and pre-warn the membership that it is just the first step of our 3 step practice.
George, Dennis, & Marty really pitched in and helped move a truckload of sand from the runway.

Today’s maintenance was the first step of our usual 3 step process we have been doing,  so like usual,  it gets worse before it gets better. Step 1, remove sand. Step 2, Drag and wet. Step 3,  roll flat and smooth. What we did this time,  was rent a powered broom that helped take 2 to 3 inches of sand from the deep spots on our runway that has been catching many airplanes. Last year we rented a sweeper truck,  this year we tried the broom….  the broom was very effective however VERY labor intensive. Unless we get another team of guys to step in and man it,  we will very likely go back to the sweeper truck.

Next steps are to drag the runway smooth,  wet it thoroughly,  then roll the clay down.  We are hoping for some rain in this or next week,  but if we do not get any we will proceed again with the water trailer like last time where we put 2500 gallons down on our surface that really made it nice for a long time.   The runway will appear (and actually be) rough.  The sand that was hiding all the low spots is now gone,  so it appears worse than before.  

Hang in there,  it will be smooth again very soon!   Thanks again to the guys that pitched in their whole morning working hard for our runway.

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