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The Proper Flying Pattern at Our Field

By Quan Nguyen, Safety Officer


As our club grows and the skies get crowded, it’s important for us to follow the simple circular flying pattern at our field to avoid mid-air collisions. The
pattern is a circular path into the prevailing wind when approaching the runway. On most days, this means a clockwise direction of flight.  I get questions like, “well isn’t that kind of boring if we have to fly like that?” Absolutely not!  The important thing is to keep two distinct lanes for opposing directions of
flight. If you’re flying from east to west and into the wind, then try to stick as close to the runway as possible without flying over it. When flying in the
other direction, use the “back” of the airspace- the north most end of our field. Personally, I think an aerobatic maneuver looks nicer anyways when it’s
done in a straight line parallel with the runway, rather than in a random, unpredictable heading. Just come talk to me or email me if you have any


-Quan Nguyen