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Touch & Go Contest Report

Todays event was top-notch fun!    There were no catastrophic losses, and lots of different classification of aircraft were flown.  The contest was 3 touch and go’s and a final landing for score, and the altitude quest. Scoring was traditional with the marker from last week’s Electroglide.  There were two classes,  flat foamies, and all others.  There were only 2 flat foamies entered, so they both get finish honors:

Steve Dente managed a very impressive 1st place score of 200 Terry W scored 2nd place 80 points in flat foamy with a ‘Round Tuit’ style airplane.

Everyone else (16 competitors) flew the ‘Airplane’ class.  Trojans, Mentors, Sport Aircraft, Scale Warbirds, and even a Easy Star.

The Landing scores were all very close. There were more pilots between 100 and 120 points than not.   The winds were very blustery, and everyone really had to pilot their airplane all the way down.  There  were no real flat glide approaches to be had.  Everyone was working all 4 controls, and doing exceptionally well for the conditions.  Young and not so young were all having a great time.

Big thanks to our “Street Taco” vendor,   Tim who did a great job even without his Sombrero,  the lunch was perfect and well liked.

Here are the results:

1st Place   Neil Harland          100 landing points and PERFECT score of 50 for  getting 300 ft exact.

2nd Place    Justin H             140 landing points only

3rd Place     Bob Stinson       130 landing points 5 altitude points

Honorable mention to Justin,  who was the youngest pilot at the contest.   See,  anyone can do these fun events,  EVEN YOU (if you didnt!) Thanks to all for being so prompt and ready,  having your mounting  figured out, and helping the event move along at a great pace.

Jim Bonnardel

The pics are finally up – check ’em out.

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