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Tucson Shootout 2011 Report


Every competitor gets to visit the prize table in turn and 30 plus sponsors led by Desert Aircraft insure each pilot getting a prize of at least $300 value.  The five days of TAS were marvelous in weather but more importantly in organization led by Dave Johnson’s Desert Aircraft team of Tony Russo, Steve Richardson, Brian Howard, Anna Woods, Bob Sadler (mouth of the South).  Fred Midget from Higher Plane recorded the highlights which he offered for viewing with a Flight Pass.  Many dedicated judges from across the country led by IMAC president Wayne Matthews came together with TIMPA,the host club,  plus the aforementioned talent …..and then add to that nearly 70 happy, grateful, friendly Scale Precision  (IMAC) contestants and you have the best Tucson Aerobatic Shootout I have ever been to….thanks everyone.

The SEFSD was represented by Dr. Ray Fulks flying Sportsman class for the second year in a row and improved his results to finish 10th out of 15 in that class.  Tim Attaway finished 10th also in the Unlimited class and another member, Steve Nelson finished in 9th place in Unlimited.  We had a terrific time at the TAS and look forward to the next one in 2012.


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