Dedicated to the Promotion of Electric Propulsion in all types of Aeromodeling

Video Library

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1994 KRC Electric Fly


1996 KRC Electric Fly


1997 KRC Electric Fly 1997
1996 London Bridge Seaplane Classic

1996 NATS Highlights


2000 San Diego Midwinter Electrics 2000
Advance Kit Conversions
Airborne R/C Video (Fred Harris)
Airplane (Joe Wurts)
Air Force Top Gun

A Celebration of Eagles ( AMA )


Basic Construction for Beginners



Basic Flight Training for beginners


Building with Foam



Byron Originals show season 1985


Cutting Foam Cores


Defying the Limits (Learn to Fly 3D)

Desert Storm/Tornado


Double Eagle


Electric Air Show II (DVD)
Electric Jet Factory – Ejets VOL 1 1999

Electric Flight (Building & Flying)



Electric Flight & Schneider Cup


Electrifying the FANTASY (Vol.III)



Endless Lift


Endless Lift II
Endless Liff III (DVD)

F-16 Falcon


Float Flying – John Sullivan



Gas to Electric Conversions


Going the Distance

Getting Started in Electric Flight


Hacker Lift Ticket


International Hand Launch 2000
Just Want To Fly (DVD)
Learn How to Build a Power Airplane

Let’s Get Serious About Electric Flight


Mid-Winter Electrics-2002

Mini-Max Power Gliders


Monokote I




NEAT 2001+
Perfect Engine Mounting Techniques

Perfect Foam Wing Construction


Polyspan Covering Instructions


Power for Performance Electric Flight


Pro Aero Tow (DVD)
QSAA Fly-In 1994 (Vol. 1) MISSING

QSAA Fly-In 1994 (Vol. 2)


R/C Flying


Schneider Sport Electric


Secrets of Thermals (DVD)

Speedy Bee / Lazy Bee – Clancy Aviation


T-Birds (Thunderbirds)


U.S. Air Core Basic Building Tips


Vacuum Bagging tips


Warbirds over Schenectady



Wring it Out (Vol. 1)


Wring it Out (Vol. 2)

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