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PopWing Racing Report for Jan 2024

Return of PopWing Racing!
Hello racers!
January’s PopWing event was met with a LOT of participants,  and for that ,  I personally THANK YOU for RACING!
I’ll say first that we are SCRUBBING the points for January.   Going to consider that a practice run,  and yea,  revise the program.
There were some new rule changes, as well as some changes to the format.   Some worked,  some did not do so well.
So,  we will tune the event to be a bit less stressful on the racers, callers, turn marshals’ and even the event coordinator.
All good intentions aside,  it was pretty evident that 8 aircraft in the air at a time was just too much. I wanted more than 3 aircraft races, but when we got to 8,  it was clear that it just got too messy to keep track of the positions.  I’ll try a max of 5 aircraft (but that is always dependent on how many show for the event on race day).
Having the race “End” at the crossing of the leader (at 10 laps) was also just too confusing as callers cannot be responsible for knowing the pilot’s position also.  Sure, if we had electronic lap counting that would be easy, but we do not!    Making it smooth and easy is the key to success, so we are just letting everyone go to 10 laps,  even if it takes them 10 minutes….
10 lap events are not a problem for batteries,  I did 2 races on 1 battery pack (1800mAh) and still had plenty of electrons for later.
 There was also a bit of trouble hearing the starting countdown on the PA system,  I will modify that for next month so we can hear the tones.
Even with the program changes, everyone still had a great time lapping the flags again,  and I’m sure it will grow as members see what fun it is on a smaller budget.
See you next race!!