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PopWing ReCap for March 2024

Group Shot.  Click for the entire album of pics
Well racers, we are FINALLY under way!  With the weather scrubbing last month, we finally have points now. Weather was fantastic, the field was in great shape, and the turnout was light. The turnout for March was only 8 racers, likely due to the fact that there was another club’s swap meet going on in town.
Racing was really fun! Everyone was having a great time getting laps down,  we had old and new PopWings running,  and it sure does appear that there is no true difference between the models,  the old ones are just as fast as the new ones, and vice versa.   There is a condition we are finding with the new PW’s and that is the ESC seems to either work,  or not.  If it does not,  you can use any ESC that is clearly marked 20 amp.
Racing happened fast as we are only doing 5 lap races, and each pilot gets 2 races.  There was some action (a mid-air) and some amazing races. 
The Hitec media boys stopped by and if you “instagram” check out their feed as they did a nice video of the races.
The new scoring system seems to be easy enough to tally,  and it keeps the points curve pretty flat.   I don’t want the leaders to “get out of reach” from the pack.  Small point values keeps everyone close!   
After 1 month of racing our stats are:
Brad          2
Brian         2
George H.  2
Corey        3
Alex          2
Larry         4
Tom          1
Jim           5
PopWing aircraft are available at Motion RC   so you are not left out of the crazy fun!  If you have been thinking about joining in on the fun,  THINK NO LONGER!  Pull the trigger and get 1 (or 2) PopWings so you can get in this fun game.