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President’s Corner for April/May 2018

I hope everyone had a great April! At this time last year the early rain had led to a growth explosion in our outer field area. We had to fly carefully due to all of the people taking pictures of the flowers ( weeds! ) Not so much rain this year, and that is both good and bad for us. While those of us with allergies will have some relief, the dead weeds are extremely dry and can act like razor wire to both airplanes and modelers alike. Be careful out there! Also, we are in a heightened risk of fire period as the dry stuff ignites and spreads very quickly. Please ensure those of you with extinguishers bring them to the field and stand ready to use them if needed.

It was a great month weather wise, and should be a great summer. While the rest of the country was getting blizzards, we were getting sun burns. Randy and I have both burned already, so I want to encourage you to use sun screen, and chap stick with at least a protection level of SPF-15. Randy also suggests using sun screens rated for sensitive skin, or infants. These products are usually free of the chemicals that can sting your eyes when used on your face. Also a hat that can screen your face, ears, and neck should be considered.

As we get closer to summer, we are starting to work out the details for our 4th of July event at the field. Like last year, we plan to have lunch, an amazing raffle, and keep the site reserved for members only as we move into the evening to watch fireworks. This will be the first fundraising event of the year, and if you enjoy attending the holiday banquets, I expect you to be purchasing raffle tickets to support. If you would like to get involved in the event, please let Randy or me know.

Due to recent events, and some disgusting misuse of our porta-potty over the last 2 months by non-members, we will be locking it and posting its use as “ Members only “. We will use a lock that uses the same key as our main gate and ask people to lock it upon exit of the unit. Please ensure you have your gate key with you.

It’s the end of April and I still see past members who have not renewed, flying at our site – primarily at the Rotorplex. Please encourage these people to join the club, and please wear your badges while on site so I don’t have to ask if you are a member. We are at 316 members for the year. We are still a bit behind where we were last April – but would probably be about even if the slackers renewed…

As we move in to swap meet season I would like to remind everybody to take a look at the for sale by members section of our web site. I know everyone likes a good deal, but it is always a mixed bag of what you end up with from people you don’t know. If you buy/sell from members, there is a better chance of getting some quality items at a decent price, and if you are selling something – odds are that you will not have someone trying to cut you off at the knees by offering you 5 dollars for something you have a grand into…

As we the home centers start their summer build up, please keep the club in mind when buying new yard furniture. The club will always accept old chairs to replace last years stock. We can use some more carpet also. So instead of paying to dispose your carpet, bring it to the field ( no padding ) and put it at the end of the field near the Porta potty.

This month’s fun fly event on the 28th will be the Poker Fly. Bring something you can get 5 flights on to collect your hand and have a chance at $150.00 worth of gift certificates to Discount Hobby Warehouse. The club meeting and hot dog lunch will follow at around noon.

Have a great month!