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Brad’s Corner for April/May 2016

BradAs we put another April behind us all I can say is that we definitely live in a seasonal wonderland as far as our hobby goes. A couple of wet days and a couple of very warm days were the worst we had to deal with while other places in the country were snowing and flooding. Can’t get much better than this!!

Talking about the rainy days. Thanks to most of you for staying away while the field was soft enough to accept footprints. Remember, following rain of ant consequence, if there is standing water puddles in the pit area –  the field is too wet to fly/step on.  I was at the field with a multi-rotor on Sunday the 10th after an all-night rain asking people to either save their flights for the late afternoon or the next weekend, showing them the standing water. I received a couple of interesting responses from ” it’s just a glider, it won’t leave any marks” to one modeler telling me he would “take my concern under advisement” while continuing to assemble a plane.  To the first, my response was “where will you land that doesn’t require walking out to get it?”.  As for the second, all I can say is that I really don’t like to have to identify myself as a board member specifically asking them not to fly. To be fair, there were a few members who packed it up no questions asked. All I can say is that a few moments of common sense will prevent months of having landing gear ripped off by fossilized footprints in our surface.

 An incident was reported on Sunday the 17th at the rotor area. Sunday was an announced and on the calendar F5B – F5D practice day. On these days all flying at the main runway and rotorplex area is restricted unless specifically authorized at the discretion of the event director stationed at gate 5. On this day, a member arrived, set up his FPV multi-rotor, and commenced running the course without a spotter (REQUIRED!). The F5B event requires a person sitting in the field to provide timing and distance feedback. The FPV flyer repeatedly buzzed this person at distances of less than 5 feet at high speed. When he was confronted that it was unsafe – he laughed in her face.  This is unacceptable – and the only reason this person is still a member of this club is that the victimized (attacked) member did not catch his name. If this type of action repeats itself EVER, that person will be immediately expelled from SEFSD FOR LIFE, and I will recommend the victim press charges and prosecute to the full extent of the law.

 There is a lot of growth in the outlying field area. I sadly put one in last weekend and had to make the long walk out with others to gather the pieces. I carried my extinguisher out and back. Please follow this example if one goes down. Odds are that you won’t need it, but if you do you will be real happy to have one! Please remember to take any crashed parts that won’t fit completely in a trash can with you when you leave for the day. I know it sucks and you would rather leave the painful moment behind, but please don’t pass your distress on to a park employee who has to pick it up.


Membership continues at a decent pace. The last couple of weeks have seen a few past members showing up asking to fly as guests. Guest privileges are extended to AMA holders from other areas that have never used and would like to try our site up to 3 times. After that membership is required to fly. Past members do not qualify for guest privileges.
Guest privileges do not renew into the next year. I believe we have the best club prices in the county, yet there are still people that would put $4,000.00 into a composite glider but can’t won’t pay a $45.00 membership. It’s not as if it will be cheaper to wait until September to fly…

 If you didn’t look last month, check out our for sale by members section. A couple of planes on there now at decent prices. When you have a chance, please thank Paul Guidice and Steve Belknap for their efforts in making this part of the site easier to use and productive. There have been successful sales already!
If you have thoughts on how we can improve our site and you can assist with implementation, please contact Steve, myself, and Jim. If it makes sense, we will let you move forward and ask Steve to put it on our site. Please don’t use this as a way to pass of a task for something you want done.  I have heard suggestions that translate to this ” It sure would be nice if the board would volunteer someone to spend a few hundred hours of their time for free to do something that would benefit me and the 3 guys I fly with!!”  I want to hear your ideas, but be ready to own it!


On May 7th we will be hosting International Drone Day , the UAS4STEM by the AMA, and an  IDD FPV Cup multi rotor race at our site. There will be events at both the main runway, in the outer field area, and at the rotor plex. These should last all day and standard sport flying will be restricted. The club will have a couple of BBQ’s cranking out dogs – but as this is not a meeting day we will be asking for donations to cover costs. Any actual proceeds from lunch and the raffle will go towards the nifty transponder timing system for the Multi rotor racers and towards the 2016 holiday banquet.  There are still a few things we could use members help with that day to keep people safe and control the parking area. If you would like to volunteer, please either step up at the meeting, or send in e-mail to Jim or myself. There have been some great raffle prizes both donated or provided at discount prices by local and national vendors. Scott Fuller is already collecting and issuing tickets. Don’t miss this one!


I am calling out this weekend as Fred appreciation weekend! If you see our well-loved CandyMan at the field please take a moment to thank him for always arriving with a welcoming smile ( AND CANDY!! ) and being friendly to all!   THANKS FRED DUFFY!


This month’s event will be the FOAMY FRENZY between 10 and 12. Only foam during these hours. Bring something that looks like a plane – fly it in a plane like manner, and try to take home CASH!!.  The monthly club meeting will follow, and we will return to open flying while enjoying the hot dog lunch provided by the Board of Directors.
See you there!