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Brad’s Corner for Feb/Mar 2017

Happy February Team!


I have seen some of you show up with planes and drones that your wife bought you for Valentine’s Day, BRAVO! It’s nice to see you getting that kind of support for your hobby.


Last month I mentioned how nice it was to be getting some rain. This month I am going to borrow (almost) a quote from Patrick Swayze : “ It’s nice, until it’s time to not be nice…” I think we have only had 3 dry weekends since the beginning of December, and I am starting to miss the drought!  While on the subject of missed weekends, we lost a few events this month because the field was muddy. For scored events we skipped the monthly wing races and electroglide. Since no one earned points it should not affect our year end tallies. We also lost our last full FPV race practice day with the field fully set up. Next month FPV counts for totals so practice as you can.




Lastly we had to give up our EMAC Starter event and Trim Clinic. We are going to schedule a make-up day for this one as I feel it is critical to get this started. Thanks again to Steve Belknap for stepping up to get this arranged and getting the right people to volunteer ( or was it voluntold? ) to discuss proper plane setup and trimming techniques, and then provide pattern demonstrations. The new date for this is Sunday, March 5th starting around 10 A.M. The field will not be closed, but I ask members not participating to be mindful of what is happening at gates 5 and 6 and give them the courtesy I have come to expect. No buzzing the expensive airplanes Skip!!  Also, still on the subject of wetness ( Hush Dave G! ), the field weed growth has exploded. Thank you to Dennis Laberge for the numerous hours spent with a hoe removing encroachment from the field proper. The outlying field also has more green than I have seen in a long time. Please be careful out there as now it’s almost impossible to see the rabbit holes and rocks. Walk carefully and protect those ankles. This much growth will inevitably result in a lot of dry kindling in a couple of months. During the March meeting the board will disburse 15 – 20 fire extinguishers to new members that are maintaining a solid presence at the field. This will be the 5th year we have had this practice and it still warms my heart to see people walking out to crashes with extinguishers. Remember though, the club will provide one, but if you use it, we want you to replace it so you always have one with you.


I am sure Randy will chime in, but I want to touch a bit on safety. A couple of people received prop bites this month. Please, if you are working on your electronics on the table – and not immediately going to a gate to fly, take a few minutes and remove the prop. On that note, those of you that come with first aid kits should take a quick look and see that they are all good. I bring two, just in case.


Jim sent a blast out, but I would like to elaborate on proper LiPo battery disposal. The orange sand buckets are for either dumping sand on a burning model, or a temporary holding area for a damaged battery so you do not have a problem at your table or under your hood. When you leave you are expected to take the damaged batteries with you in either a LiPo Sack or ammo can. If you just dump 15 – 20 batteries in the bucket and leave them, there is no recourse for someone with an actual problem. The best way to dispose of old batteries is to completely discharge either by adding a load using some 12V auto bulbs – 1 bulb for 3S, 2 bulbs in series for 4, 5, and 6S, or use one of the voltage checkers ( ask Randy ) that drain your battery to zero if left for a few days. I have an old BBQ that I set them in for discharging. Once at zero, cut off the connector, strip the leads and twist them together. They are now inert and can go in the trash.


Membership is continuing at a decent rate, there are still quite a few people showing up without 2017 badges though. Please get it done, there is nothing to gain from holding out, we are year to year and membership expires in December whether you pay for it now, or thing you are being “ thrifty “ waiting until June… It is disappointing to be asked to leave without flying because you have not renewed. Remember, guest privileges are for AMA members using our site for the first time ( up to 3 visits ) and are not for use by past members.


I have been handling the hot dogs on meeting days for just over 4 years. Thanks to Dennis Benitez who will be taking over from me after this month’s meeting. Things may change a bit as we pretty much decide what we want to bring, but in its base form there will be beef hot dogs, chips, and beverages. Periodically I will bring a pot of Chili as I know how many of you like it. Thanks Dennis!!


It’s that time again to call out for people that are replacing their patio furniture to bring their old chairs down to the field. We lost some to the recent winds and have had quite a few broken ones lately.


This month’s fun fly event will be the Don’t Spill the Beans between 10 and 12 on the 25th. If you have a plane that can fly stable at a moderate speed and lands softly, you have a chance to bring home CASH!!.  You will place a supplied container with 20 beans on your plane, take off, fly above 100 feet, pull a loop, then land as softly as you can. He with the most beans wins a share of $150.00 worth of gift certificates from Discount Hobby Warehouse. The monthly club meeting will follow, and we will return to open flying while enjoying the hot dog lunch provided by the Board of Directors.

See you there!