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Brads’ Corner for May/June 2015

Brad Quan UranaHello again aircraft lovers!!
As we approach the end of May we have seen a couple of May showers that bring a few things to mind. With the recent rain the vegetation in the surrounding field will see a growth spurt over the next couple of weeks. For us, this means an increased amount of flammable material – so your continued vigilance at the site is greatly appreciated.
Yes, I know we love to fly our devices. And yes, I understand how much we dislike missing a day due to mother nature.
PLEASE do us a favor and let the field dry out for at least 12 hours following any rain of consequence. The whole site drains fairly quick, but if there are puddles in the parking area, the field is still soft.  I have heard comments that “My plane is light” or “My wing doesn’t have tires to dent the field”…
Trust me, it isn’t the light planes or the wings I am worried about. It is the 3 – 5 inch deep footprints of somebody walking out recovering their light airplane or wing. These craters potentially stay for months once they are there and affect everybody. Jim came to our rescue this week by renting a roller to flatten out the field and smooth out the footprints. This was a $375.00 fix that could have been avoided with some free common sense.


We had a successful barter day this month, with ” barterers” from other clubs joining ours for some good deals. The next local event will be the Father’s day swap meet at Discount Hobbies on 21 June. Those who came to barter between 7:00 and 9:30 made out before the steady drizzle set in until nearly noon. As a result, people packed up and the electroglide was postponed to the 23rd. For those who missed it, DJI was at our field in the afternoon in conjunction with Drones Made Easy and conducted the flying portion of the “DJI Experience” which is intended to educate new pilots and curious parties in the safe operation and current guidelines of multirotor flight.  Jim was ” supposed ” to listen in on the presentation, and make comments on specifics about our field, but I heard he actually took over and gave instruction himself. Don’t forget- He is the QUADFATHER!!


There has been some interest expressed lately in doing wing combat and/or in flight ribbon cutting events. While this can be a lot of fun for both participants and observers, it – by its very nature – increases the risk of mid-air accidents. Jim and I were approached about using club funds for purchasing and maintaining possibly disposable airplanes to support these endeavors. We both felt that this is not a proper use of our money. However, just like the wing racing and F5B/D events, if a group of you, that understands the possible effect on your personal planes, want to form an event plan and present it to the board for consideration and possible addition to the calendar, please contact Eric S., Ian M., or Ken D.


I also need to comment on something that has been occurring more often over the last nine months or so.
I feel Paul is a great treasurer and I really appreciate how he attempts to keep track of club money and ensures we are justified in making the right purchases at the right time for the right price. He will argue over a dollar and that is exactly what I expect out of a treasurer that is handling our (your) club money. He is a perfectionist. I require Paul to keep and be ready to present receipts for everything he spends as well as receipts from people he reimburses for making a purchase on the club’s behalf. I don’t get paid for the food Items I buy for meeting days without a receipt – Jim does not get paid for the contest prizes he purchases without a receipt or renting equipment to roll out the field.  Should be easy??? Recently seven out of the last 10  people (not counting board members)  people requesting reimbursement cannot understand that I require Paul to get receipts and they either call him asking for money, e-mail him without attaching a receipt, or send him a picture of a number written on a napkin?.
When Paul asks them for an actual receipt they either get childish, indignant, or downright nasty with their responses. This needs to stop – Today.  If you are helping the club by providing a service, or purchasing items to help support events – we REALLY APPRECIATE YOU!. But please understand the requirement to get a receipt to keep track of the money. NO ONE is doubting your integrity or calling you a liar. Yes, we believe you. But that does not clear us to pay without a receipt. As a responsible board we must be ready to open our books and show anybody who asks where the club money is being spent.


Enough of that – lets finish on a high note!
We have started kicking around initial plans and suggestions for the year-end holiday banquet. We are setting up a committee comprised of 2 board members along with 4-5 club members that have expressed their desire to become more involved with the club. We should have the committee firmed up by mid-June. If you have a suggestion for a venue that is centrally located in the county feel free to share your thoughts.


Come join us on the 23rd! Normally we start our monthly fun fly at 10:00, but will kick of 30 minutes early to get in this month’s make up electroglide event. Following that we will launch right to the FPV spotlight (planes and Multi’s) with some exciting games, prizes, and demonstrations. Around noon we will serve lunch, hold the monthly meeting, and then open the field for general flying.